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established 1986

The House of Colby is the result of many years of hard work, little sleep, loads of determination, and one too many cups of coffee. With my love of fashion and passion for stylish design, I founded The House of Colby in 2014 and have been a professional Fashion Designer ever since. I’m proud to create pieces that are fresh, original, and timeless. Check out my latest collection.



Colby C. Butler is the owner and proprietor of the House of Colby an American fashion house, known for formal women’s wear and haute couture clothing for all genders.  
Colby C. Butler was born in Stuttgart, Arkansas, a small production town in the delta known for its rice. Butler’s goal was to become an artist, when one day his art teacher told him she was not sure he would be a traditional artist because he “sketched too fast.”  She offered more explanation by saying, “the only people who sketched that fast where fashion designers,” and that is when the seed was planted.  After graduating high school, he began working odd jobs until he finally decided to make his dream a reality.  He asked his mother to purchase him sewing machine and his design career began.  Butler designed his first line called the Huntsman Collection in the fall of 2013.  The collection consisted of couture evening wear that thrusted him into the spotlight. The House of Colby is now one of the premiere boutique brands in the state of Arkansas.
Since 2013 the House of Colby brand has become synonymous for innovative design, sumptuous fabrics and luxurious feel.  Butler’s design aesthetic is artistic, exquisite and elegant.  But has shown collections on runways in cities all over the country to include Atlanta, Chicago, and Little Rock to name a few.



My Entire Collection

The House of Colby offers all my clients a unique purchasing option unlike any other Fashion Designer. Even if an item is no longer in stock but all the necessary materials still are, I will gladly recreate an older piece. With this option, you’re able to find something special from the past that you may have missed out on the first time around. Take advantage of this offer and get in touch with me today.


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Colby C. Butler

Colby C. Butler is an American fashion designer, best known  for his formal women's wear and haute couture clothing  for all genders.  Up and coming designer Colby C. Butler was born and raised in Stuttgart, Arkansas a small production  town known for its rice. After graduating from high school at the age of eighteen butler began his design career designing his first line of evening gowns called The Huntsman Collection. The self-titled clothing line, Colby Butler  is now one of the premiere boutique brands in the state of Arkansas.  Since 2013 the Colby Butler brand has become synonymous for innovative design, sumptuous fabrics, and luxurious feel. Butler's design aesthetic is artistic,exquisite, and elegant. Butler has shown collections on the runways in cities all over the country to include Atlanta,Chicago and Arkansas to name a few.



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